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Friday, March 31, 2006

Horresco Referens
A França no seu pior contemporâneo. A minha impressão exacta face ao Centro Pompidou em recente tournée parisiense:
"Not having seen every building in the world, I cannot positively assert that the Centre Pompidou in the Place Beaubourg in Paris is the worst, but I should be surprised if anyone were able to point to a building that was very much worse.
If Jack the Ripper had been an architect, the Centre Pompidou is what he would have built: for he preferred his entrails out rather than in. The savage, gory mess that is the Centre Pompidou would have pleased him no end; perhaps he would even have obtained a sexual thrill from contemplating all the eviscerated intestinal pipes that writhe so uselessly around the inelegant core of the building..."
No melhor estilo de T. Dalrymple. Aqui

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