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Monday, September 11, 2006


A Luís Possolo

Génio e Arquitectura de Interiores

"Milan-based architect Renzo Mongiardino is re­nowned as the consummate creator of spec­tacular, atmospheric spaces. His dramatic, theatrical approach to design has produced elegant period interiors that have influenced many other designers.
This handsome monograph, the first com­plete presentation of Mongiardino's work, explores his philosophy of space, design, and life itself. Extraordinary color photographs illustrate the brilliant arrangements of objects, art, and antiques and the rich array of textiles and painted effects—faux wood, marble, and other materials, extravagant full-scale trompe 1'oeils—that epitomize his style. Mongiardino draws from sources that range from ancient Greek, Roman, and Etruscan artifacts to the work of the Renaissance and baroque mas­ters Michelangelo, Palladio, Bernini, and Borromini and to antique fabrics, carpets, and objets; he also adds poetic recollections of important personal and historical spaces and incorporates his view of nature as a col­laborator in the design process. Equally important is his ability to reflect the person­ality and lifestyle of his distinguished clients, whether in New York, London, Milan, Rome, or Paris. The resulting interior landscapes transform rooms into evocative surroundings of startling beauty.
Practical considerations of design are dis­cussed in Mongiardino's own words. He shares insights into particular spaces—small or large, study or grand gallery—and traces the solutions he originated to create them. Through early sketches, impressionistic draw­ings and watercolors, and detailed photo­graphs, he unfolds the story of each space, highlighting both its particular challenges and the lessons to be learned from its ulti­mate success as a stunning environment for living".

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