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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Phallus Impudicus

Entram Suetónio e Thoreau.
Sobre Cogumelos.
Aspectos desagradáveis dos cogumelos I.
A morte do Imperador Cláudio, in Suetonius - De Vita XII Caesarum (Divo Claudio, XLIV):
"...Et ueneno quidem occisum conuenit; ubi autem et per quem dato, discrepat. Quidam tradunt epulanti in arce cum sacerdotibus per Halotum spadonem praegustatorem; alii domestico conuiuio per ipsam Agrippinam, quae boletum medicatum auidissimo ciborum talium optulerat. ..."
Aspectos desagradáveis dos cogumelos II.
Má impressão de Thoreau sobre o Phallus Impudicus -- in Henry David Thoreau, Journals, 16.10.1856:
"One of those fungi named [phallus] impudicus, I think. In all respects a most disgusting object, yet very suggestive. [...] It was as offensive to the eye as to the scent, the cap rapidly melting and defiling what it touched with a fetid, olivaceous, semiliquid matter. In an hour or two the plant scented the whole house wherever placed, so that it could not be endured. I was afraid to sleep in my chamber where it had lain until the room had been well ventilated. It smelled like a dead rat in the ceiling, in all the ceilings of the house. Pray, what was Nature thinking of when she made this? She almost puts herself on a level with those who draw in privies!"

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